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Opportunities are evaluated and the best ones listed below

Version of July 10, 2009, incomplete

'Opportunity Evaluation' offers fast business entry at no or very low cost with your own website, in high-demand products (or services) and includes training in marketing. The best ones with these features are presented below. To proceed with any opportunity successfully, you need to be highly action oriented. If you are not yet so oriented, you should seriously consider looking at website click here. You will there be advised how to develop the action attitude needed. You will also be shown how to develop your own business if you desire to consider this oprion (you may need to use the passive income offer to scale up on start-up capital).

Everyone needs communications gear (in a very broad sense): land-based phones, cell-phones (incl. PDA), conference calling, T1 dedicated lines, voice-over-internet, high speed internet, domain names, web hosting, credit cards (also with airline miles), satellite TV, computers. Often, more than one supplier is available within a category (or even sub-category). For all the product and service details click here. Commissions on your sales depend upon product and service. If you have re-sellers below you, you receive commission over-rides on their sales. Extensive free training in marketing is easily available. To learn more (and to become a re-seller for free) click here.

You may have derived from the prior description that I was describing a network marketing opportunity which many people dislike for good reasons. I accept only one type of network marketing: No-cost (or very low cost) entry and annual fee, exclusive products or services requiring  continuous consumption but reasonably priced OR generally available products or services which are used regularly and are priced very competitively. Also, the commission structure should be worthwhile to provide good commission short term and in the long run. Above we presented an example of the latter kind  An example of the former kind (exclusive product) follows below.

Alkyl-Glycerols (AKGs) are against heart disease, circulatory problems and autoimmune diseases (including joint problems). AKGs are ethers while ordinary fats are esters, both derivatives of glycerol. Deep sea shark liver oil is the natural product richest in AKGs. Its pharmaceutical grade version contains substantial amounts of EPA and DHA omega-3s and is available at website click here. There click Product Gallery on left, then click Alkyl Transfactor on the left side, then a little down click on the audio triangle for concise details. If you become a member you obtain a 30% discount, paying $35 per 200 ml bottle in auto-ship mode. If you are over 30 years old, consumption of 3 bottles per month is recommended for optimum effectiveness and over a period which is dependent upon your age. The oil comes with lemon flavor, but may be mixed with the morning juice by most consumers. Members with re-sellers below them in a forced matrix get well paid.

If you prefer a truly passive income source instead of running forex robots on your own, such choice is available. Programs are even prescreened before they are accepted. You are offered several options at click here. . The rates of return are in the range given above (and higher). And the available options have a performance history. To invest you need a minimum of $5,000, but preferably at least $50,000 because of the high first-year fee paid upfront (you then obtain full trading returns).

Corporate financing via PassiveIncomeSourse starts with a loan. If you prefer to sell corporate stock for cash, another source is available. This source has three service options available. For more details please click below:

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